Client Testimonials

" I feel like a veil has been removed before my eyes. 
I definitely have a sense of being more connected to
my own inner resources, supported and guided."

K. O.
Maui, Hawaii

You are so authoritative on the inner planes.

You are clear, precise, so aligned and connected.”

Leonard Laskow, PhD.

Author ~ Healing With Love

Teacher & Healer

"I think your technique and the sessions we've
experienced so far, are PROFOUND! I love that...
rather than you joining me in my misery, you have
a way to transform it all into something wise and
Amazing! Thanks, dear heart!"

N. F.
Publisher Inner Voice Magazine, Feng Shui Specialist

“Beverly has a tremendous capacity to cut through
what’s being said and bring clarity to what’s really
going on in a very loving and focused way. She gets
to the heart of the matter and offers practical solutions.”

Kathleen Jacoby
Author, Vision Of The Grail
Personal Coach
San Mateo, California

"Over the past 15 years I have worked with many
different types of healers. I have never had such
a powerful experience as I have had with Beverly.
I have only worked with her for two sessions and
already, the sense of peace and healing I get from
her work is incredible and effective in my ever day life!"
T. W.
New York

"I have had the blessing of working with top healers in the world
and Beverly is exceptional."

Andrew Oser
Life Coach, Teacher, Author
Mt. Shasta, Ca.

"Beverly is a gifted healer, psychic, and teacher.
I have been blessed to experience all three of these modalities
with her. She has been able to provide me with insights and knowledge that were unobtainable elsewhere. She is truly a
great treasure! Thank you, Bev, for your great mentoring
and compassionate work. "

Chicago, IL.

"Thank you again for the extraordinary healing work you did
with me. It was very powerful and you are extremely skilled.
I loved how you were so fluid in navigating with what was
coming to you and yet, at the same time you were holding a
really great framework for it all to fit in, interconnecting
all the different things that were coming up. I felt totally
held, blessed, safe, honored and guided in our time together.          Many,many thanks."

J. B.
International Teacher, Healer & Graphic Artist

“Bev is an expert at creating a very safe, loving
and allowing environment in which true
breakthroughs are common.”

S. M.
San Rafael, California

With great skill and loving focus Beverly weaves a beautiful
energetic web between every member of the group and the
Divine Blessings from Spirit, assisting us to deepen into Loving Aliveness. My experience with Beverly moved me into a deeper,
more nourishing and loving relationship with myself by                helping me to honor and respect the past from a loving                      place in the present.”

Maui, Hawaii

"Beverly is one powerful lady. The Divine moves through her spontaneously and beautifully, allowing energetic shifts to occur that will effect you at the core. Thank you so much for a beautiful evening."

P. W.
Cozumel, Mexico

"Beverly is truly an instrument of the Divine Source. The Space that she holds in order for healing to come through is awe inspiring. I am so grateful for the opportunity to participate in an evening of awareness and growth."

J. B.
Maui, Hawaii

(Art by Paul Heussenstamm of

Beverly Brunelle
Mill Valley, California