Private Sessions

 Expect a quantum shift in you and your relations.

hidden conditioning that control your current choices, perceptions and actions. This can be from preconception, in utero, birth, early childhood, ancestral lineages, cultural and religious influences.

bringing love to clear the frequencies of early traumas stored in the body and nervous system.

your capacities to: be true to yourself, access higher wisdom,
live more fully the uniqueness of who you truly are.
Create  extraordinary relations and life.

Sessions in person, Phone or skype.

Sessions are 1  1/12 hours.

Turbo clearing sessions  for current clients are 20 - 30 min.

3 and 6 month custom mentoring programs
to deepen inner work and continue shifting outer patterns
and inner beliefs. Focus on establishing new ways of thriving in
relationship, work, health, and daily living.

Contact Beverly for questions, fees, and to schedule your sessions.

email Beverly at

Once your session is confirmed, payment can be made through Pay Pal.


Beverly Brunelle

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Mill Valley, California