Sacred Spirit Jewelry

(art by Paul Heussenstamm: www.

Sacred Spirit Jewelry are blessings to wear.
Each is a unique creation of natural gem stones
with a special blessing and energy.
The transmission of
inspiring energy is palpable as soon as you put
piece on.
Wearing the jewelry anchors the transmission
and reminds you to be on a self loving track, taking
positive action aligned with your truth.

Every time you where it you receive an
updated transmission of the blessings.

All designs are one of a kind and created with love.
A card expressing the personal blessing of the
custom jewelry piece is included.

Customized Sacred Spirit Jewelry
can be designed
to celebrate you!

When you read the "Blessings" for
the jewelry below and look at each piece
notice what you feel. There is a transmission.

Enjoy viewing and purchasing
what inspires and delights you.

Sacred Spirit Jewelry & Blessings

"My Life nourishes me and I nourish my life."

Sterling silver and many things green~aquamarine,
 peridot, jade, garnet with labradorite pendant.

"I see through the eyes of inner peace."

Gold filled ears, aquamarine, peridot. $60

"I love feeling free being me."

Jasper, Turquoise, & Sterling. $20

"Appreciating wholeness."

Turquoise & Sterling    $25

"Loving Peace resides within me."

Rose Quartz, gray pearls, sterling. $ 35

"I am loved. Grace fills me.
I am loving myself in new ways."

Very rose quartz beads
shaped like silk lanterns,
purple pearls with brass spacers.
18 inches
Call for pricing.

"Love surrounds and fills me."

Sterling, Rose Quartz, Purple Pearls, brass. $35

" Grace is spicing up my life."

Faceted amethyst, purple pearls, peridot, sterling. $ 35

"I am delighting in honoring my senses."

These sister pieces are rich in texture and sterling silver
and amethyst.

1. 30"
2. 27"
Contact Beverly for prices.

"I am flowing Dignity and Presence."

Tigers Eye Pendant, Sterling Silver, Jasper, Quartz Crystal, 
Earrings:Jasper, Quartz: 8/10cm (sold)
Necklace is 20 inches long.
Necklace $108

Below are samples of designs that have been sold
and are being enjoyed by women across the continent.
Custom designs can be created especially for your tastes.

"I am opening to brilliant new ways
of thinking, perceiving & Being."

Lapis, Sterling Silver, White & Gray Pearl Necklace
with Pendant & Earrings.

"Radiant love moves me."

Pearls, peridot, aquamarine, sterling

"I am receiving Divine support in all ways."

Amethyst,pearl, peridot, moon stone, sterling.

"Deepening Loving and Honoring myself."

Turquoise, quartz crystal, sterling.

"I'm loving shining my light and expressing pearls of wisdom"

White pearl, faceted peridot and amethyst necklace. Sterling clasp.
Glass seed bead spacers. Can be worn doubled as choker.

Sterling, turquoise, citrine.

"Heart and voice aligned."

Turquoise, peridot, sterling
turquoise,peridot, quartz crystal ears.

"Celebrating my life's unique journey."

Garnet, quartz crystal, gray pearl, sterling,
moonstone pendant.

"Dancing the Divine."

Sugilite, Sterling Silver and Quartz Crystal Earrings.

"Appreciating vibrant life force."

Pearl, carnelian and sterling dangles.

To order your Sacred Spirit selection:

Gift wrapping is included.
Shipping and insurance is additional.

Email Beverly at

Explore the possibilities....

Order a customized piece.
Call me to discuss your desires and needs and to order
your unique gem stone support for your enlivened well being.

To more deeply understand the power and presence of
gem stone jewelry order and read
this wonderful new book written
by my Maui friend Shakti Navran.

Jewelry & Gems for Self-Discovery
Choosing Gemstones that Delight the Eye & Strengthen the Soul
by Shakti Carola Navran

An astrologer & jeweler, Shakti's insights will guide you to choosing
the right gemstones for your specific life enhancement.

Beverly Brunelle
Mill Valley, California


Beverly Brunelle
Mill Valley, California