Velvet Scarves & Turbans

For Woman & Men
Blessing Beauty, Presence
and the Creative Spirit in ALL.

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These are
Wonderful gifts

for those you love...
Including YOU!


Warm & versatile...

 Elegant accent night or day....

        You'll Lighten up & Smile!

Stretchy fabric helps your design stay in place.
Wear Velvet Neck and Head Decor
with beautifully textured and richly colored tails
to create delicious twists for fancy dress up,
sophisticated accessorizing , or playful expression.

They keep you warm and can add a touch of spice to
your sweats and sweaters, sport coats and overcoats.
yoga and fleece garb.

There are more than 18 ways to wear them
...create your own twist.

Each one custom made. A wealth of fabrics is available.
Choose your own creative color and texture combo.
Or send me your wardrobe colors and I'll coordinate
a unique scarf to accent your essence.

Be Unique..choose custom creations of
 Ties & Turbans for your Wedding Party.

Order your customized design today!

Adorn Yourself !

For men and women.
Wonderful for gift giving!
Priced @ $35 - $80 plus $6 shipping.

Contact Beverly to order your
unique creative style statement
Mill Valley, California