Beverly Brunelle




Beverly Brunelle

 Create miracles of positive change

that support you to live life

from a new orientation, Your Essence.


                                         Beverly Brunelle

  Intuitive~ Master Energy Healer~Hypnotherapist
My passion is supporting my clients and students
in awakening consciousness to live in ongoing evolutionary movement.

My work reveals hidden elements of conditioning in your personal development from preconception through early childhood, from ancestry, parents and culture that are still at work influencing
your self sabotaging perceptions, behaviors, and expectations.

I energetically clear the sources of  self limiting influences,
attune your frequencies with your Essence and
expand your evolutionary potential so YOU experience
positive change within you, your relations and your life circumstances.

You experience greater well being,
clarity, calm, compassion, creativity
love. authentic power and presence.

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Beverly Brunelle   
Mill Valley, California